First For Kirkby is an independent political party created by the community to represent the people of Kirkby and Field Lane

We are residents who live and work here and will do everything we can to help and support people in our area. Now more than ever we need strong local councillors who will concentrate on the needs of our town.

We are determined to work towards a brighter future for Kirkby, making it a better place to live, raise children or enjoy retirement.  After years of mismanagement by a complacent council, we’re standing up to say there is another way.  Our aim is to enable people to think for themselves and make their own decisions, rather than dictate what we think should happen to our town.

Explore our website to discover our ideas for improving the town we live and work in.

Thank for you for voting for your local First For Kirkby candidate at the local elections on 7th May 2015! We may not have been elected, but we showed that every vote counts – join the campaign for 2016 now!


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  1. Sue Johns says:

    The web site looks good, Good Luck to you all

  2. kenneth mcnulty says:

    I intended to vote for your party on Thursday but after reading your literature that came through my door yesterday and browsing your website I’m left wondering how I can possibly vote for a local party which doesn’t seem to know where the local boundaries are.
    Of course I refer to your wanting to “represent the people of Kirkby and Field Lane” but surely the Field Lane estate is in Kirkby and not a separare entity which you apprear to imply.
    The way I see it is that there are three types of Field Lane resident:
    1)The wise man who knows Field Lane is in Kirkby and freely admits it.
    2)The clot who is convinced he lives in Fazakerley and tells people such.
    3)The self-deluder who knows he lives in Kirkby yet insists he lives in Fazakerley.
    It would be interesting to know which of the three groups The Six place themselves in. If in doubt, take a look at your council tax bill!

    • Admin says:


      Residents of Field Lane have different views on whether they are or not part of Kirkby. The boundaries of the local authority only result in Field Lane officially being part of the Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley, as Kirkby has no defined town boundary – it not having it’s own town council.

      We felt it was important to explicitly state that we want to represent the interests of Field Lane as the area has been forgotten by Knowsley Council. The real issue is how to make sure the residents of Field Lane can access services and improve their local community, just like the rest of the 6 wards.

    • J Bell says:

      I cannot believe a community group who professes to care about Kirkby is so negative about it.
      Against a retail park…..why? this will provide much needed leisure and nighttime economy. What about the future of our kids in Kirkby.

      As for your comments about the housing. I live in Northwood and i wish someone had provided me with a new home in a nice area. Putting homeless people on the houses…….are you kidding, they were a mess to begin with and even more so now. Would you live in them.
      You are all a bunch of hypocrites and constantly blaming the council and Tesco. Well who else would have invested in the refurbishments, no the corrupt council who dont have money, unless its for Huyton.
      So First 4 Kirkby,,,,,,,,,,,,,what are you going to do for Kirkby. Did you know there us a new town manager who really cares about the town

      • Admin says:

        First For Kirkby has always been in favour of the regeneration of Kirkby Town Centre. However we favoured redeveloping the existing footprint of the town centre before any attempts to expand it. Building south of Cherryfield Drive first required a long and slow process to build replacement houses and site clearance which only started after Tesco announced the collapse of the plans. Previous owners of the town centre wanted to redevelop the old Asda site for a new superstore, and at one point the board of Morrisons visited the town because they thought it had so much potential. However, the Labour-dominated Knowsley Council entered into an exclusivity deal with Tesco which effectively handed all of the town centre to Tesco. It was the policy of the council to continue pursuing this single plan, with no backup strategy. The people of Kirkby need competent representatives willing to work in everyone’s best interests, including with the management of the town centre to help the traders and make it a welcoming place for shoppers again.

  3. Steve bagan says:

    Just wanted to say well done in park ward (i live in mount crescent) yes you did not win but you HAVE shown John Greer that he can not be safe, this is the first time hes actually been seen canvassing! I am a life long labour supporter but this time i voted for you guys as im sick of Greer and his ilk taking for granted they will be elected!
    Keep it going!

    • Admin says:

      Hi Steve, thank you for your support.

      Whilst we are disappointed that none of our candidates were elected, we are pleased that turnout was higher than in previous local elections, including a good number of first time voters. We are also aware of many people breaking with their traditional Labour vote. We offer a different vision for the future of Kirkby and we’ll continue to work to in the community to make a difference, whether 1st 4 Kirkby candidates are elected or otherwise.

  4. David Randall says:

    How can you say democracy is not working? You stood and lost via a democratic process. You appear not to have fundamental grasp of definition of the term.

    Also , is the re-generation which is occurring not beneficial to the area and improve not only the area but also the lives of those who live there?

    • Admin says:

      Hello David,

      You are quite right that we stood and lost in a democratic process. However, over 22 000 members of the Kirkby electorate did not cast a vote, whilst only 8963 did. Only 5417 people in Kirkby voted for Labour – about 1 in 6 of the electorate. Our democracy is failing to involve far too many people. We believe this needs to change to make our democracy healthier and more effective at representing the interests of the electorate.

      Anecdotal evidence suggests that a significant number of people don’t know how to vote, where to vote, or even what the difference is between a local, parliamentary or European election. If more people were engaged in the democratic process, those standing to become councillors would have to work to secure their vote.

      Having critical voices to counter-balance those who control an elected body is a key part of democracy. Right now there is no alternative voice in the Knowsley Council chamber.

      • Clive huther says:

        After the news of the last couple of days lets get these idiots out of the council and get people in who care for this town call me *********** im a born and bred Kirkby man this council deserves a vote of no confidence

  5. Phil Dawson says:


    I am a geography teacher here in Herts and as part of our course we study Kirkby in terms of regeneration. I have been to Kirkky a few times and am aware of the issues. I am coming to Kirkby again shortly and wonder if anyone from 1st 4 Kiriby would be interested in getting on contact to discuss regeneration of the town.

  6. Esther says:

    Hi there!
    I’m a journalism student in Cardiff and really interested in the problems related to Tesco and local community. I saw the news on wales online and want to talk to Tony for that. Could you email me back? that would be great!

  7. Joe says:

    KMBC and KHT boundary and properties go as far up as the roads opposite the shell garage on Longmoor lane just after the Aldi storee that recently opened.

  8. P. Charles says:

    Dear Sir or Madam ,

    Please could you contact me , I am interested in your party.

    Thank you,
    yours truly,

    P . Charles

    L32 . . .

  9. P. Charles says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Please could you tell me when the next meeting is so I can attend.

    Thank you,
    Yours truly,


  10. Lynda Lacy says:

    Trying to find what the future holds for kirkby. I have recently returned after 35 years and realized that during that time kirkby has been changed into a very desirable place to live and maybe in the near future to spend disposable income.

    If we knew what the St Modwen plans were and how they were going to progress and whom the expected 5000 new homes over the next fifteen years were going to house. As I look around other parts of the country at the diversity of the population and this is not visibe in residents but yes I can see it in the buiseness starting in the town centre this is no great problem as long as it does not change the dynamics of the area.

  11. Lynda Lacy says:

    HOW DO i CONTACT FIRST FOR KIRKBY? When do the council have public meetings when residents can put their concerns to elected members or on the other hand to senior appointed members of the council. Cant find a phone number on your site

  12. Paul Charles says:

    I have always been more labour and not conservative in the main .
    This party could be a fresh that could make fresh . I am not aware of 1st f K’s thoughts on more delicate matters . I may like to discuss via e-mail or twitter message .

    Thank you,

    Paul .

  13. Paul Charles says:

    I could see my self supporting 1st f K a lot if we can see eye to eye on matters.


    Paul .

    Classic labour with a hint of ukip may describe me .

  14. Paul Charles says:

    Fresh er voice as good .

    p .

  15. Paul Charles says:

    I just tried the info@1st4kirkby.org.uk address and got a mailer daemon or whatever .

    What i sent was : –

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    At this stage i am not looking to run for ward or bourgh .

    But i may like to know who the current ward councillor for L32 is and chat with them by e-mail perhaps .

    Thank you,
    Yours truly,

    Paul Charles ,

    L32 — .

    Kirkby .

    • Admin says:

      Hello Paul, thank you attempting to contact First For Kirkby. We have fixed a minor technical problem and that e-mail address should now work. Your messages have been been forwarded so there is no need to resend them. Someone should be in touch in the near future.

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